Truth, Justice, and Slash for all mankind.

After seeing Superman Returns, I was totally drawn in by Brandon Routh's portrayal of Clark Kent/Superman and of course, the wonderful James Marsden's turn as Richard White! Starting somewhere around September 2006 I gave into what I'd sworn not to do...and started producing Superman Returns fanfiction. This page is divided into a few categories, as you see. Everything posted was written by me unless otherwise indicated with a byline. I love feedback! Send it to me at bounddreamer at gmail!

 The Everyday Series 

"The Everyday Series" is my main Clark/Richard timeline. It's slow-starting, mostly gen for the first several parts, and the development is gradual and (I hope) natural. For this, I am the humble recipient of the Superman Movie Awards' Best Slash Romance award. I hope to continue the series.
Unfinished Plans
Things Change
The Bottom of the Glass
You've Been Gone a Long Time
Little Things
Crossed Lines
The Light at the End of the Tunnel
Always Around
Little Earthquakes
Morning After
A Bird in the Hand
Like Glass
My Secret Identity
Running in Place
I Know What's Happening
I Know What's Happening
Trial Separation
Flight Dreams
If We Kissed
Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps
Perfection on his Knees - This part is for 18+
Pillow Talk
Whole Truth
What You Make of It
In Flight Special
Word Prompts

 Challenge Stories/Other Themes 

The Best Policy
A story written for the 2006 November Superman Returns challenge. I was trying a structural conceit in this short story, maybe it worked, maybe it didn't!
Valentine's Day word prompts
A series of word prompts written for the community challenge on Valentine's Day 2007.
Under Pressure
The "sex cycle" alternate Clark/Richard relationship, unrelated to anything else. This story is 13+ for sexual references.
Making Adjustments
A short, short sequel to the previous!


All crossovers were written for the Fantabulous April Superman Returns slash community challenge and I had a darn good time writing them!
The New American Heroes
Supernatural/Superman Returns crossover. Some tales, Dean Winchester simply does not believe. Elsewhere, Richard doesn't put too much stock in urban legends.
Fallen Angel
Dark Angel/Superman Returns crossover. Alternate universe. When the Pulse came, Kal-El went crashing to earth. Can he still fly?
The Best Kind of Work
Marvel Universe/Superman Returns crossover. Clark Kent has a rather opinionated notion on "celebrity heroes..." until he meets the Fantastic Four.
Between Suns
Firefly/Superman Returns crossover. Earth-that-was left her legends behind, but when the man behind the legend can't die, where does he go? (This was my absolute favorite to write of all the crossover challenges.)
Dark Night
Batman Begins/Superman Returns crossover. If you listen to the day-after reports on Superman Returns, Gotham gets a mention in the cities that Superman visited on his do-good reunion tour. The Batman lets Superman know what he thinks of that.
Turn of the Seasons
Sky High/Superman Returns crossover. Each new generation spawns its own heroes, and it's time to pass the torch.